Name West Rock
Population 5,650
Language(s) Bavanda, English
Mayor To'a Foe
Location Reefs
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West Rock is a major town that is dependent on it's wood industry. It was founded in 1945 by Muslim-Samoan Sa Inet, who later saw the light and converted to Christianity. The town was quickly populated by the next year beacuse of its large supply of jobs in the wood industry. By 1960 the town was up to 500 inhabitants most of them being Samoan and Dutch. In 1961 the town was finally given the name West Rock beacuse of the giant rock called Gaping Tony which stands on the south side of the town.


The town is the smallest in all of the Harvian Islands and is a huge mixture of all cultures. In the town there is a big number of Muslims and Samoans.

The town's ecomomy is based on tourism of Gapping Tony, which is 190 meters tall. The town also has two places of worship, Inet Mosque and Saint Michael Church.


The town doesn't care much about politics but in the recent years it has grown. Major parties here are the Party of Unity and the Working Families Party. The towns first mayor was Sa Inet in 1962. The town elects mayors every six years and up to three terms.

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Pacific Ocean
New Winchester Howard's Farms
Tony Beach


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