Name Leeward Island
Language(s) English
District Leeward and Princeton
Archipelago Sailor's Archipelago
Highest point 1701 m

Leeward Island is a rather large volcanic island. Many indigenous tribes life there like the Bavampa. The settlements on the island are Port Philip and Stamadri. It is mainly known for its wonderful beach (called Red Beach). Until 1997 there was a small airstrip on the island. The island has 60,000 inhabitamts. There is a inactive volcano on the island called Mt. Bavampa. Stamadri attracts many tourists.


The island was the first island to be discovered of the Harvian Islands. Thomas Harves noted that the local inhabitants worshipped the island as a god.


There are many annual tribe festivals and cultural days. Well known is the Day of Us, which is a carnival aboout the inner mind opf people. Christmas is much like the American verison mixed with some indigenous traditions. Some communities even celebrate dutch things.


The island is easily accessible by plane (Port Philip International Airport) and ship. There run many carriageways on the island.

Harvian Islands Flag
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