Harvian Christian Union
the HCU party logo
Abbreviation HCU
Chairman Norman Arellano Muñoz
Founded 2010
Ideology Christian democracy
Spectrum centre-right
Harvian Politics
Close to Samoan Power
Far from Socialist Party of Harvia
Spokesman None

█████████ (37,5%)

Norman Arellano Muñoz, Vlad Negresco,
Bubba Gaboosh IV,
Ygo August Donia

The Harvian Christian Union is a Christian democrat party and the largest party in parliament, with 3 members out of 8. It is part of the Coalition for Salvation of the Harvian Nation, a cooperation with nationalist right wing party Samoan Power.

Unlike many other Christian parties, its ideology is center-left rather than right. However, its stand on moral issues is still fairly conservative and has a significant number of rightist viewpoints.

The closest party to the Harvian Christian Union is probably the Harvian Conservative Party.

Political viewsEdit

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