George Adams Identity
Name George Adams
Full name George Atoa Adams
Home Port Philip
Functions Prime Minister
Mayor of Westville
Estates Member of the 2010 Estates
Languages Bavanda, Frisian, English, Dutch, French, Latin, Russian, Romanian, Tongan, Gaelic

George Adams is the current Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Harvian Islands. He is also the mayor of Westville, Estates Member and writer. He is a fervent art lover and linguist, and used to teach at Astria College University. He wrote several books, and leads the Socialist Party of Harvia. He is known for his determination to lead a peaceful country, where natives and foreigners can live in peace and equal prosperity together. He is a proponent of the Bavanda language to be taught on schools as main language, and supports both the Samoans and Tongans. He is, however, not a proponent of segregation and discrimination of American Harvians.

Biography Edit

Early life and personal life Edit

George Adams was born in Stamadri, but moved in his early teens to Trinity, where he stayed until his twenties. Since 2008 he lives in the capital of the Harvian Islands, Port Philip. He is not married, and has no children yet.

Political career Edit

George Adams was one of the initiative takers of the independent Harvian Islands state, and wrote the constitution. When the Harvian Islands became independent, he declared himself provisional prime minister until the first legal elections are held, which he scheduled for March 2011. Many world leaders disagree with the way Adams took power, but according to himself it is "only in advantage of the Harvians themselves that there is no political vacuum".

Publications Edit

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